The Municipal Solid Waste Department consists of eight people who strive to pick up all the trash and recycling, helping to keep our City beautiful.


The City is divided into two sections by a line formed at West Elderkin, Elderkin and Rainville Avenue. North of this line, trash is collected on Tuesdays and Fridays. South of this line, trash is collected on Mondays and Thursdays. Trash will not be collected on City Holidays; it will be collected on the following scheduled day. Trash is to be placed in covered metal or heavy plastic containers, not larger than thirty-five (35) gallons or weighing when filled, more than seventy-five (75) pounds.

In September 1998, the Recycling Collection Schedule was changed to a five (5) day a week pickup. The City is divided into five (5) sections with each section collected one day per week. Please separate your recyclables in three (3) parts as follows: Bottles and Cans, Newspapers and magazines, and Cardboard, which should be flattened and bundled. Also, please flatten all your plastic milk cartons. If you have any questions on pickup day or any other questions related to recycling, please call the Highway Department at 860.446.4127.

Please have your trash and recycling out by the curb by 7:00 AM. During Summer Hours (Memorial Day to Labor Day), please have your trash and recycling out by the curb by 6:00 AM.

Bulky Waste:
The Bulky Waste Collection Policy went into effect on November 1, 2004. We will be picking up bulky waste items basically on Wednesdays. Residents do not have to pay or this service but there is a $20.00 collection fee per appliance.

Sharps (Needles/Syringes)
Sharps used at home are not regulated as biomedical waste. However, throwing them in the household trash or flushing them down the toilet presents serious risks for both you and others who may come in contact with such items. Improper disposal of sharps can lead to:

  • Needle-stick injuries that cause infection and spread disease;
  • Injuries to curious children, waste haulers, recycling workers, and animals; or
  • Needles washing up on our beaches and riverbanks.
The DEEP recommends checking with your supplier (i.e. your physician, local hospital, or pharmacy) to see if they are willing to accept properly packaged used sharps. Some companies even offer mail-back disposal services to their customers.

To properly dispose of sharps:

  • Seal them in rigid, puncture-resistant containers that you can’t see through (i.e. bleach or detergent bottles, coffee cans, etc.);
  • Label the containers "Do Not Recycle;" and
  • Reinforce containers with heavy-duty tape before throwing them in your household trash.
  • Throw loose needles in the trash;
  • Flush needles down the toilet;
  • Place needles in soda bottles, cans, or glass containers; or
  • Put sharps containers in the recycling bin.

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